What Is The Name of Harry Potter Font Name On Canva?

Are you a Harry Potter fan looking to add some magic to your designs? One of the most iconic aspects of the wizarding world is its unique font style.

But what is the name of this famous font and how can you use it on Canva? In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to know about finding and using the Harry Potter font on Canva. Get ready to cast a spell on your designs and make them truly enchanting!

What is the Harry Potter font?

The Harry Potter font is a unique and instantly recognizable style that has become synonymous with the wizarding world. It was originally created for the cover art of the US edition of J.K. Rowling’s first book, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone.

The font features bold, block lettering with serifs on each letter. The letters are slightly angled to give them a dynamic appearance, as if they are in motion or casting a spell.

One interesting feature of this font is that it includes special characters such as lightning bolts and stars, which add even more personality to your designs.

The Harry Potter font captures the whimsical yet powerful essence of magic found throughout the beloved series. With its distinctive style and fantastical elements, it’s no wonder why designers continue to use this iconic font today!

How to find the Harry Potter font on Canva

When it comes to finding the Harry Potter font on Canva, there are a few simple steps you can take. First, open up your Canva account and start a new design project. From there, navigate to the “Text” option in the left-hand toolbar.

Once you’ve clicked on “Text”, a dropdown menu will appear with different font options. Scroll down until you find the search bar at the bottom of this list.

In that search bar, type in “Harry Potter” and press enter. The Harry Potter font should then appear as an option within the dropdown menu.

If for some reason you’re having trouble locating it or it doesn’t show up right away, try refreshing your browser or clearing your cache. You could also try typing in “Potterhead” instead of “Harry Potter”, as sometimes this is how it’s labeled on Canva.

Finding the Harry Potter font on Canva is a straightforward process that shouldn’t take too much time or effort once you know where to look!

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How to use the Harry Potter font on Canva

Now that you have found the Harry Potter font on Canva, it’s time to start using it in your designs!

To use the font, simply click on the text box where you want to add your text and select the font from the dropdown menu. You can also adjust the size of your text by using the slider or entering a specific value.

One tip for using this font is to pair it with other magical graphics and elements such as spellbooks, wands, or Hogwarts house crests. This will give a cohesive look and feel to your design while also adding an extra touch of magic.

Another thing to keep in mind when using this font is readability. While it may be tempting to use all caps or different colors for each letter, this could make your design difficult to read. Stick with standard capitalization and choose contrasting colors for maximum legibility.

Incorporating Harry Potter fonts into your designs can bring a touch of enchantment and whimsy. So go ahead, experiment with different combinations and let your creativity soar!


The Harry Potter font is a unique and recognizable typeface that captures the essence of the beloved book series. It has become popular not only among fans but also for designers who want to add a touch of magic to their designs.

Thanks to platforms like Canva, it’s easy to access and use this font in your projects. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create stunning designs with the Harry Potter font.

Whether you’re creating social media graphics, posters or invitations, using this iconic typeface will surely make your design stand out from the crowd. So why not try it out on your next project and let some magic into your work!