What Is A Handle In Shopify?

Are you new to Shopify and find yourself wondering what a handle is? A handle in Shopify is an essential aspect of your online store. It’s a unique identifier that helps search engines and customers locate your products quickly.

For businesses aiming for success in the e-commerce world, understanding how to create handles in Shopify can make all the difference. In this blog post, we’ll explore what exactly a handle entails, how to create one, and why it’s beneficial for your business. So let’s dive right in!

What is a handle in Shopify?

In Shopify, a handle is a unique identifier or URL that identifies your product. It’s an essential aspect of any online store since it helps search engines and customers locate products quickly. A handle can be defined as the last part of a product’s URL, which should describe the item accurately.

For instance, if you’re selling leather boots on your Shopify store, your product’s handle could include words like “leather boots,” “men’s shoes”, or even “winter footwear.” Keep in mind that creating descriptive handles makes it easier for shoppers to find what they’re looking for on your website.

Handles are also helpful when optimizing SEO for your site. When creating handles, consider incorporating keywords into them to make them more visible and relevant to search engines.

Creating unique and accurate handles is crucial to ensuring that customers can easily find the products they need while simultaneously optimizing SEO rankings for each item in your inventory.

How to create a handle in Shopify

Creating a handle in Shopify is an essential step to optimize your online store’s search engine rankings and make it more user-friendly. Here’s how you can create a handle in Shopify:

First, navigate to the product section of your Shopify dashboard and select the product for which you want to create a handle. Then scroll down until you find “Search engine listing preview” and click on “Edit website SEO.”

Next, enter your desired handle under “URL and Handle.” Make sure it’s short, descriptive, and easy to remember. Avoid using special characters or spaces as they will affect the URL structure.

After entering the new handle, click on “Save” to update your URL slug. Shopify will automatically generate redirect links from the old URL if there were any changes made.

It’s important to note that changing handles frequently may lead to broken links or negatively impact SEO ranking. Therefore, choose carefully before creating a new one for each product.

In summary, creating handles in Shopify is simple but crucial for optimizing your online store’s SEO ranking and making it more accessible for customers searching for specific products with ease.

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What are the benefits of having a handle in Shopify?

Having a handle in Shopify has several benefits for online store owners. First and foremost, it helps with SEO. Handles are included in the URL of your product pages, making them more search engine friendly. By using descriptive handles that include relevant keywords, you increase the chances of your products appearing at the top of search results.

Handles also make it easier to share links to specific products on social media or through email marketing campaigns. Instead of sharing a long and complicated URL, you can simply use the handle, which is short and easy to remember.

In addition, handles can help organize your products within Shopify itself. By using consistent naming conventions for handles across all your product pages, you can create logical groupings that make it easier to navigate and manage your inventory.

Furthermore, if you sell products that come in different variations (such as size or color), handles allow you to create separate landing pages for each variation. This makes it simpler for customers to find what they’re looking for while also improving overall site navigation.

Having well-crafted handles is an important part of optimizing your Shopify store’s SEO efforts while also providing a better shopping experience for customers.


Handles in Shopify are a crucial aspect of optimizing your online store. They play an essential role in enhancing search engine optimization and user experience by making it easier for customers to navigate through your website.

Creating unique and descriptive handles makes it easy for potential customers to find your products, leading to increased sales and revenue. Therefore, as you create new products or collections on Shopify, remember to use relevant keywords when creating the handle.

By following the steps outlined above on how to create a handle in Shopify and understanding their benefits, you can significantly improve your online store’s visibility. With time, this will result in more traffic visitors who convert into loyal customers leading to business growth.