5 Best Harry Potter-Like Fonts in Canva

Are you a Harry Potter fan looking to add a magical touch to your designs? Look no further than Canva’s collection of Harry Potter-inspired fonts! These fonts can transport you straight into the wizarding world with their whimsical and enchanting styles.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the 5 best Harry Potter-like fonts in Canva that will make your designs stand out from the rest. Get ready for some font magic!

What Font In Canva Looks Like Harry Potter?

Canva is a great platform to create stunning designs for any occasion. If you’re looking to add some magic to your designs, then choosing the right font can be just what you need. Canva has numerous fonts inspired by Harry Potter that will give your design an enchanting touch.

One of the most popular Harry Potter-like fonts in Canva is Hogwarts. This font features bold and blocky letters that are reminiscent of the iconic Hogwarts crest. It’s perfect for titles and headlines since it gives off a strong and commanding feel.

Another magical font option is Lumos, which features whimsical cursive lettering that looks like it was written with a quill pen. The Lumos font adds a playful yet elegant touch to any design.

Parry Hotter is another fun option for those who want something more quirky and unique. Featuring handwritten-style letters with varying sizes, this font captures the essence of scribbled notes passed between friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

If you’re looking for something sportier, Quidditch might be the right choice for you! This bold sans-serif typeface resembles athletic jerseys’ numbers but still maintains its magical flair.

If you’re rooting for Gryffindor house, check out their eponymous font featuring thick letters in red and gold – perfect colors fitting Gryffindor’s House attributes: bravery, courage, determination!

In conclusion these five fantastic Harry Potter-inspired fonts in Canva are surefire ways to make your designs stand out from the rest while adding some magical charm!

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When it comes to Harry Potter-inspired fonts, one of the most recognizable is Hogwarts. This font takes its name from the school attended by Harry and his friends in the books and movies.

The Hogwarts font has a look that is both classic and whimsical at the same time. The letters are tall and narrow, with serifs that give them a traditional feel. But there’s also something playful about this font – perhaps it’s the little star-like shapes that dot some of the characters.

Using the Hogwarts font can add a touch of magic to any design project you’re working on. It’s perfect for posters advertising events like movie marathons or trivia nights, or even for creating your own personalized Hogwarts acceptance letter!

One thing to note about this font is that it works best when used sparingly – too much of it can be overwhelming and make your design look cluttered. So use it strategically, perhaps as an accent or headline font rather than for body text.

If you’re looking for a way to bring some wizarding world charm to your designs, you can’t go wrong with using the Hogwarts font in Canva!


Lumos is another Harry Potter-like font available in Canva. This font resembles the handwriting of a wizard, with its curvy and uneven strokes that give it a mystical feel.

Using Lumos for your designs can add an enchanting touch to them. It will make your text stand out and grab the attention of anyone who sees it. Whether you’re creating posters or invitations for a Harry Potter-themed party, Lumos is an excellent choice.

This font comes in two styles: regular and bold. The regular style has thinner lines, while the bold one has thicker ones which makes it perfect for headlines or titles in posters.

Lumos’ unique design also allows you to play around with different colors and backgrounds without compromising legibility. You can choose from various shades of gold, silver, or any other color that fits your design’s theme.

If you want to create magical designs reminiscent of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry using Canva – then Lumos could be just what you need!

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Parry Hotter

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, the Parry Hotter font in Canva is a must-try. This unique font has an old-school feel to it that will take you back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The elegant cursive style of Parry Hotter makes it perfect for creating invitations, posters or anything related to magic. It’s also great for adding a touch of sophistication and authenticity to your designs.

Parry Hotter captures the essence of the magical world with its intricate details and enchanting curves. The attention given to each letter adds depth and meaning to every word written in this font.

Whether you want to create a mystical atmosphere in your design or need something sophisticated yet playful, Parry Hotter can do it all. This versatile font will surely make your project stand out from the rest.

If you’re looking for something magical and spellbinding for your next design project, give Parry Hotter in Canva a try!


Quidditch, the beloved fictional sport from the Harry Potter series, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. It involves two teams flying on broomsticks and trying to score points by throwing a ball through hoops while avoiding being hit by bludgers or catching the elusive golden snitch.

The game has inspired many real-life adaptations, including intercollegiate competitions and even World Cups. But did you know that there’s also a Quidditch font in Canva?

The Quidditch font is perfect for designing posters or invitations for fan events or themed parties. Its bold and playful style captures the essence of Quidditch perfectly.

Whether you’re creating designs for your own personal enjoyment or planning an event to celebrate all things Harry Potter, adding this font to your Canva library is sure to elevate your creations to magical new heights!

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When it comes to Harry Potter-themed designs, the Gryffindor font is definitely a top choice. This font perfectly captures the spirit of bravery and courage that the Gryffindor House embodies.

With its bold and striking appearance, this font is perfect for creating eye-catching headlines or titles. It’s also versatile enough to use in body text, adding an extra touch of personality to any design.

One great thing about the Gryffindor font is that it pairs well with other Harry Potter-inspired elements like lightning bolts or magical wands. Mixing and matching different design elements can help create a cohesive look that ties everything together.

Whether you’re designing social media graphics, invitations, or posters for a Harry Potter-themed party, incorporating the Gryffindor font will instantly bring your designs to life. So go ahead and add some magic to your next project with this iconic typeface!


Canva offers a wide range of fonts that can make your design stand out. The Harry Potter-like fonts listed above are perfect for adding a magical touch to any project you’re working on. Whether it’s designing invitations for a Harry Potter-themed party or creating social media graphics with a magical twist, these fonts won’t disappoint.

When choosing the right font, be sure to consider the tone and mood you want to create. Each of these five options has its own unique personality and will help bring your project to life in different ways.

So go ahead and experiment with these Harry Potter-like fonts in Canva! With their unique styles and mystical feel, they are sure to add some magic into whatever you create.